A New Kind of Science

In the age of fancy big-named architecture, old-timers like Richard Meier still build.

Meier was highly acclaimed for his clean straight lines and pristine white finishes. However, the age of minimalism and modernism has left us, bringing us the new age of pluralism. Yet, amidst the frenzy to attach themselves to big names, the University of California has opted to keep Meier’s aesthetic alive.

On a similar note, UNSW just completed two buildings of Aussie big names; the new Law Faculty by Lyons and on the plot next to me, a building of some science that I can’t seem to remember.

For a little piece of Melbourne, UNSW chose Lyons to building a spankingly kinky Law Faculty Building, which to me looks like a pun pulled off upon lawyers. Nevertheless, it boasts of a large library and various intriguingly odd shaped lecture halls.

The some-kinda-science-that–cant-remember building used FJMT’s clean lines and clever balance of proportion and materials to achieve a soothing and subdued edifice to the famous uni mall. FJMT has probably the greatest influence in UNSW’s campus having designed the masterplan for the new development zone and a several iconic buildings including the Scientia and Red Centre.