A New Project

Well I thought I would break with my rule of not talking about my day to day work for da man to show you some photographs of the G5 at the applenton as it is the first project finished by our team since I have been there. I should stress that I had an extremely small role in this project – doing bits here and there when needed and really had nothing to do with its overall rad.

It is a building that is characterized by a rigorous and relentless order. This is partly in response to highly ambitious programmatic requirements whereby as much is squeezed into as little partly due to its urban condition.

It sits on the Parade, one of London’s major arterial roads, and a robust, tough, structural facade gives the building an urban scale, rhythm and order. The march of the facade is mediated by an inversion of the classical order – shortest on bottom, tallest on top and by the alternating inflection of the glazing.

At the entry the facade is pulled back and a large stair leads up the public courtyard. The courtyard is the organizing device that ties together the building’s three distinct occupants; teaching spaces in the podium below the courtyard, academics in the shorter tower to the rear and the research group in the tower on the street.

Where possible the seemingly unattainable goal of moving academics – who are unable to be geniuses without four wall surrounding them – out of offices and into open plan has been partially achieved and sets a new precedent for the university.