A Trip to Verona

Over the weekend we went to Verona and the Greater Veneto.

As you may or may not be aware, currently occupying the garden and parts of the interior of the Castelvecchio museum is an Eisenman exhibition/installation. The garden comprises four squares of overlapped diagrams that match the four rooms of the entry of the Castelvecchio. Inside the museum, poorly welded small red steel diagram things sit in the corners proving that ninety percent of the success of Scarpa’s architecture is his understanding of craftsmanship. It was good to see that the index of Eisenman met the fire regulations of Verona with elegant symbiosis:

Outside, the garden is more successful. The landscaped squares are comprised of all sorts of overlapped diagrams including but not limited to – four Eisenman buildings, Scarpa grids and of course the nexus of textus of Borges and Calvino. All cynicism aside, Eisenman’s diagrams have always been more compelling than the built work and the garden is a three dimensional realization of these diagrams. However, putting cynicism back in the forefront where it belongs, I naturally found it necessary to lay at the convergence of the Eisenman grid and the Scarpa grid, to be the text.

I swear, and this is the truth, that from this vantage point I could hear Carlo and Pete whispering sweet nothings in my ear and the chattering of contently indexed German social housing residents.