Airplane Architecture – Air Force One

I just got word that Air Force One has just landed in Sydney’s International Airport, just in time before the 11pm-6pm curfew (the airport prohibits arrivals/departures during these times to avoid noise pollution over the suburbs).

No I’m not about to comment on its spatial arrangements and experiential orchestration.

It’s a strange feeling knowing that the big bird has arrived and the big bro is in town. Perhaps it’s insecurity, perhaps its a sense of pride, knowing that he’s in my city. Nevertheless, the APEC summit requires his presence.

I find it a little disturbing that his vehicle motorcade arrived in large three C-17s three days before, unloading many vehicles, totally in black. How Hollywood. While it is not meant to be a show of power, it still is a power, perhaps adding to the fact that the big guy is in town.

While Sydneysiders start to feel the weight of having a hous eguest that comes with gigantic vehicles and a load of inconveniences, it is heartening to know that we are in the presence of some level of greatness. Be it good greatness or bad greatness.