An upsetting tail

Shortly after being awarded the Pritzker Prize for 2005, Thom Mayne director of LA firm Morphosis, exploded into a great many pieces sources report. Mayne had been awarded architecture’s most prized accolade for a lifetime’s work when he spontaneously fractured into a series of tectonic elements. Reminsiscent of Morphosis’ earlier work on restaurant fitouts and pedestrian bridges he is now comprised of blade elements, a steel truss and circular arcs of a large diameter.

Speculation has centred on why Mayne broke into this dated formal language rather than the more organic computer driven work the firm concentrates on today. Perhaps it was a message to Michael, who left the band partnership in the nineties to go his own way. Pehaps it is a cry for help.

Rotondi was quoted as saying that he had no issues with copyright and/or moral rights over Mayne assuming a formal language that he had helped create in the late eighties early nineties West Coast scene. “Thom and I go way back and I see it as a kind of nostalgia for our carefree youth that he has hemorrhaged into this form” said, finishing up by stating “I wish him the best of luck in his deconstructed state” before walking off into the sunset.

Immediately after the ceremonies had concluded, Mayne was rushed to hospital for testing and diagramming. It is unclear if he will revert to his primitive state, but regardless, authorities have confirmed Mayne is settling into his new form well. With complete control over his index finger and thumb, operating a mouse is reportedly possible although using the scroll wheel function still provides difficulties.

“It is difficult to zoom in and out, but I guess I’ll get the hang of it.” an excited Mayne, 61, told reporters finding it difficult to operate his newly elongated and distorted vocal chords.

It is unclear what actually caused the sudden and inexplicable fracturing and dislocation. Cynics and scientists handy onsite are thought to believe that the biometric transfiguration may have been in response to the choice of venue which many have felt was a slap in the face. After recent pritzker prize ceremonies including Glenn Murcut’s at Michelangelo’s Campidoglio in Rome and Zaha’s at the Hermitage in St Petersburg, the Pritzker Bandstand at Millenium Park, Chicago must surely have come as a shock to the system. “What is this anyway? A winery? A Ferry Terminal? A Museum of Tolerance?” a group of passersby were overheard saying. Whether or not such a shock could render arm as beam, nose as exploded billboard is yet to be confirmed.

We will keep you posted. Or not.