Architects websites often overlooked?

We are, I hope all familiar with The Prize. It is architecture’s richest prize and I guess as result, considered its most prestigious. It is awarded each year by the Foundation to an architect with a substantial body of consistently high quality work that upholds the highest values of design.

As such it seems a little strange that the official website so utterly, terribly, eye-puncturingly, horrifically designed? Don’t believe me? Let us have a look:

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Awesome. Frames. So retro.
In order for you to gain a full appreciation of the site I have taken the liberty to point out a few of the more subtle features:.

A quick look at the source code reveals that the site was made in Microsoft Frontpage, which begs the question – With a prize for US$100,000.00 given out each year why not spend a couple of bucks to get someone to design something that even remotely does justice to the work of the architects being awarded?