Bok House Removal

In a sudden act, the historic Bok House situated a stone’s throw away from KLCC has been demolished by 10 workers and 3 excavators.

It was only 1 weeks ago when I drove past this house and thought how beautiful it looked sitting peacefully and serenely by itself amongst KL’s bustling skyrises. It was so beautiful, I made myself take a picture of it with my cellphone while driving.

Chua Cheng Bok, who built the house specified in his will that the house remain in the family for the next four generations, and should not be sold until 2025. It should be then be turned into a free school.

The house was built with sumptuous taste; fine Italian marble and marble statues worth USD 35,000.

It has now succumbed to the developement of a 60–storey mixed-use developement.

How bloody selfish.