Descriptors of each workshop are below – scroll down to Review and Analysis for all 10by10 reports.


Embody focused on how teacher-practitioners assimilate and realise their teaching and creative practice experiences within the different roles, through working with performative technique to explore these experiences and responses.

Review: Process or Analysis: Product


Loci explored how the ‘teacher-practitioner’ perceives their professional identity within the academic context and how practitioners position themselves in mutliple relationships within the practices of teaching, learning, practice and research. Loci used both visual and spatial facilitation techniques to explore these issues from different perspectives.

Review: Process or Analysis: Product


Index aimed to explore the identifiable and distinctive features of the ‘teacher-practitioner’ through creating a visual index [through text and digital photography], to attempt to describe the unique and shared practices and experiences of teaching and creative practice. The final Teacher-Practitioner Index – found in the Gallery, represents the complex nature of the relationship between creative practice and teaching.

Review: Process or Analysis: Product


Space was concerned with engaging teacher-practitioners in exploring the inter-connection of teaching and practice as an interstitial or liminal space, through mark making activity, followed by discussion framed by the concepts of freedom and constraint.

The workshop was based on the concept of non-directed creative exploration, to establish a ‘free’ space in an arts studio where participants, as practitioners, were left to explore a personal response, without interjection.

Review: Process or Analysis: Product


Arrival was concerned with engaging teacher–practitioner in exploring initial ideas about their experience of being a teacher-practitioner, through creative activity [namely making a ‘book’]. The session was activity focused, with some pairs, small group and individual work. Initially participants engaged with the exhibitions and worked in groups to explore their responses, through this experience, to the teacher-practitioner. The idea of the book reader, or audience was used to start to think about how different groups may view the teacher-practitioner, or need to be further informed. Particularly the aim of the book making was to view the book not just as a creative expression or interpretation but also as a ‘how to’ manual.

Review: Process or Analysis: Product

Drawing Out [Pilot]:

This workshop focused on using drawing and small group collaboration to engage participants [fourteen art/design/media teachers] with exploring the questions; ‘who is the teacher-practitioner’? and ‘what is the teaching-practice relationship like’?

Review: Process or Analysis: Product

Chair Drawing [Pilot]:

This workshop aimed to explore connecting different practices, participants were non-arts practitioners and the workshop piloted the technique, but did not derive material about the teacher-practitioner. The workshop focused on working with chairs and spatial relations and small group collaboration to engage participants with exploring the questions; ‘what is your field of practice? and ‘what are the connections between different fields of practice’?

Review: Process

Review and Analysis

Each workshop is evaluated and the contributions of the participant and facilitators are compiled into two reports by the project leader. Review: ‘Workshop Process’, reflects on the experience and workshop techniques of each session. Analysis: ‘Workshop Product’ analyses the initial process and outputs from each session relating to the teacher-practitioner role and relationship.

Further reports giving an overview of the project findings will be available as the project develops.

A pdf with notes from a presentation about 10by10, The Teacher-Practitioner- un-problematic or un-problematised? [presented at the ‘From Practice as Research to Practising as Learning” conference at Winchester University in May 2009] summarises some of the background to 10by10, and some early issues highlighted and identified through the workshops.
Analysis : Workshop Product