Deeper Examination of Architecture

So yeah, went to the Markford talk the other night. He pretty much ran through half that has just been published and called it a night. Every project was prefaced with a description of how truly awful, how exceptionally ugly the site was. Let me just say; if you own a block of land on the Spanish coastline in a little fishing village overlooking the sea and neighborhood on one side by a charming black and white checkerboard facade and if in fact you are not a Spanish fisherman but are an English architect who happens to own a weekender with marble benches on the roof, please don’t come to Sydney and lecture us on how ugly the site is/was. Seriously, we are not going to be sympathetic.

Judging by the houselights that turned on towards the end of the talk, time was a limiting factor on the talk and so rather than focus on fewer projects in more depth, we got all of them at lightspeed – the Reader’s Digest version. All delivered in a matter of fact English drone. Luckily the drone was droning on about some exceptional buildings but as I said earlier, we have seen all of this gear before. A deeper examination on design process and methodology and themes and ideas would have provided a more illuminating evening.