Dropping some new gear

A while back, in the beginning, I mentioned that we had t-shirts. I was referring to an endeavor by myself to gain unwordly riches through the screenprinting of wearable fashion items. We called this endeavor and we continue to call this endeavor – functional clothing. Back then I even went so far as to say that they would be on sale some day time in July. It is now March a year later. However this time I can guarantee that we will be selling our t-shirts this sunday Markets.

All of our t-shirts are handprinted and due to our slap-dash approach to quality control, each one is different. We have t-shirts with bees on them, t-shirts with roses and bees, some with a seagull and one or two with the guy from excite-a-bike.

Of particular interest to readers of this site would be this one:

Dedicated to quoting, the front says “NO RETREAT BABY, NO SURRENDER”. The back depicts a subtle metaphor for Harry’s tireless and unflinching dedication to getting kickass buildings built.

Also fun for architects is a t-shirt based.

We will be there all day, so you should drop by, keep us company, buy our gear.