Italy Done, Next Switzerland

Well, my time in Venice is up.

Having finished up our work on the Nuovo Stadia de Venezia {sic}, tomorrow I begin two weeks of travel around the obscure regions of Switzerland and France considered to be in high in their concentration of masterpieces. As the Dominican monks have no interest in the wireless internet that I know of and the humidity in and around the Thermal Baths are, you know, not conducive to, like, typing the page will remain static until I arrive back in Sydney.

Until then I leave you with another reminder of just how tough life can be. After lugging a giant plywood box containing a model of our project on the Vaporetti, from Piazzale Roma to The Rialto, we took some time to relax in the Mayor’s chambers, in the glow of glass chandaliers and Titian oils.
waiting in the mayor of venices office

Waiting in the office of the Mayor of Venice can be so tiring.