Jesus Vassallo Crumpled Tower Project

From a source comes this crumpled, faceted tower project by GSD student Jesus Vassallo:

“The 15 story-high tower is built as a continuous in situ concrete shell, wrapped in a ventilated polycarbonate façade. Some of the facets are replaced by glazing where it is necessary to provide light to the units. The building touches the ground in three points that become the accesses, housing the elevator, staircase and mechanical shafts. When these three hollow pillars come together, a large space is generated, providing a lobby and space of social relationship for the inhabitants.”

It is a somewhat geological tower; a stretched mineral.

The compression of scale at the lower levels, its apparently small footprint, the system of placing openings and the gently undulating roof present a series of subtle moves within the immediate gesture of the faceted concrete tube.

Although, I have to say, cladding anything in polycarbonate never did anyone any favors. The beauty of the model in these photos comes from sheer planar character and the subdivision of those planes into standard polycarbonate sheet sizes and their sub-structure would render the tower a very different beast indeed.