New Idea New Event

Following on from last years successful in the Tulum carpark,
RACH is starting a regular night in Sydney.

“Whoa, Nellie, Hold on. What’s this about?”

Is a slidenight each presenter has 20 slides to present and 20 seconds to talk about each image. Quickfire presentations for the ADD generation. In addition to this, the night is open to anyone with something interesting to show, just fill out the form, send it back to me and off you go.

This will be held on the last thursday of every second month in the Commercial marketing Association. You know, under mushroom on Martin – in the bar that time forgot. No? Well, go to the base of the mushroom, in through the glass door and down the lift to Level 2. We’ll see you there.

Spaces will be limited to 20 presenters and the spots will be filled in a first in, best dressed manner. SO BE QUICK. If you are running late and there are spaces available, bring your files in on the night – no later than 6:45 and we will throw them in. Or if you just want to turn up and watch the show, come along at 7pm.