Site redesign

Well, that time has come again where I get bored with the layout of the page. So I hope you like the new version.

The main change is that I have given up on the comments section. Thankyou to everyone that wrote in but for the thirty odd legit comments the page received in total, I had to sift through about four thousand spam comments advertising Texas Hold’em.

I will pad out this post by mentioning this: AMO, Archis and Columbia University have launched Volume. Apparently:

“Architecture has reached three of its most respected limits:

its definition as the art of making buildings

its discourse through scripted printed media and static exhibitions

its training as a matter of master and apprentice

The pushing of these limits challenges the mandate and self conception of architecture. Architecture needs new modes of operation, converging the creation, the mediation and the appreciation of space.”

Of course it is up to Rem to rescue architecture and I assume architects from becoming irrelevant.

I seem to remember, in Content,taking delight in exposing that Wired magazine proclaimed a revolution every few months.

“A new future generated before other futures had time to be verified.”

I can’t help but feel that in constantly declaring the irrelevance of architecture, that architecture is too slow, that it has reached its limits; that has realized the wisdom in Wired’s strategy of perpetual revolution. If he just keeps moving the goalposts just a little bit every now and then we will be none the wiser and believe him all the more-so. Mind you, he does keep me interested and I intrigued by the whole Volume thing…