The Intricacies of Folding Paper

In preparation for this upcoming event I have been going on a bit of a paper folding rampage lately. Following are some notes:

Folding (I)

Popular wisdom has it that any flat thing may only be folded in half 7 or 8 times. However, has taken it upon herself to show this myth who. is. boss. and has folded first a piece of gold leaf, then some paper and then a bed sheet in half TWELVE TIMES.
paper folded 12 times

“I Folded it myself. I am genius folder.”

Folding (II)

Y. Nishimura makes beautiful folded op-art.

That’s all.

Cutting (interlude).

Peter Calleson makes these incredible, mikroman style, artworks made from single pieces of A4 paper cut and folded to create magical dioramas.

Folding (III)

Paul Haeberli teaches us how to fold a structural folded plate. (From 1994! Is this the oldest page on the internets?)

Folding (IV)

Finally, Robert J Lang makes all kinds of crazy ass Polypolyhedra:

Visit his site for more and download the pdf of a presentation featuring more graphs and diagrams than necessary.

Now, just how to use this for a paper outfit is another thing. I am certainly not going to fold a lifesize polypolyhedra – although rolling into a party in a giant paper wrecking ball is certainly tempting. So, any ideas on how to actually use this stuff to make into an outfit are welcome in the comments below…