Visiting the Crazy Offices

Over the last week,I have been bedding down with excessive amounts of Sir Alan of Partridge. The kind of antisocial activity I recommend everyone partake in at least once.

I enjoy the intro into each episode where we catch the end of Alan’s radio shift very much. In particular at the beginning of episode five, ‘To Kill a Mocking Alan’, this:

“That was Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark with some classic electro-rock from their album ‘Architecture and Morality’, two subjects I’m sure we could discuss all night. Indeed, the lines are open if you want to call, make a comment on either architecture or morality, two equally hot but differently shaped potatoes. Chips, and… crinkle-cut chips. So, give me a call. Please! Seriously, though, do give me a call. It’s four-fifty a.m. The Queen is dead, long live the King Singers!”

Your opportunity to call and discuss architecture and morality with Alan has of course passed, however, if you are interested in the subject, further reading on architecture and morality can be found here.

Seriously though, if you are interested in ringing up a radio station and talkin’ arrrgghkitecture and/or morality, then Radio is probably for you. It is an internet radio station run by the students of the AA featuring spoken word gear, programme listings as haiku, mad sound experiments and some music too. This may sound, in principle, funny but be warned; the students of the AA take the whole thing pretty seriously and the channel ‘propogating propaganda’ is somewhat more highbrow than this website’s take on the matter.

In other news:
David Chipperfield will be talking in Sydney this Sunday the second in the Black series of talks. I imagine he will be about five feet tall with kind of blondish/brown hair. And very polite. I will let you know.

Visits the crazee offices of Pixar where animators have their own cottages as offices and there is only one bathroom to encourage staff interaction. Sounds a great deal like the new workplace to me… The new workplace is so played.