Worldwide Sustainability in Architecture

I find it extremely irritating, this topic of sustainability constantly being hammered into our heads while studying here in Australia. It’s as if the fun in architecture is constantly contested, challenged, defied by this technicality that we create for ourselves.

But the sad truth is that we have to deal with it. I know reading this far, you’d expect me to start quoting Al Gore, and yes I will. It’s sad that he lost the election because his campaign dealt with larger, more noble environmental issues, to a cowboy who’s all about being noble using Tomahawk Cruise Missles.

But what really stunned me is this news report… About a 3rd world country like Malaysia trying to be sustainable. Of course, Malaysia is one of the biggest exporters of Palm Oil. Growing oil. Hmm… who wouldn’t want that?

Netherlands is architecture central (I know, very debatable, but that’s my view). It’s not because they have a morbid fascination towards beautiful buildings, but because of the country’s dire nature of constantly being in environmental pressure. The people are forced to think originally, statistically, creatively to solve problems. Soon enough, architecture becomes the export of the nation (no, not prostitution – be it the oldest profession in the world).

“This (reform) introduces a new dimension to a producing country like Malaysia and its plantations and smallholdings, and makes us aware of how countries like the Netherlands can lead the opinion of the other European Union nations,”
– Datuk Peter Chin Fa Kui, Minister of Plantation, Industries and Commodities.

The fusion of these two countries in a sustainable effort is something to put your hands together for. A budding developing nation and a humble innovative built environment superstar nation. Let’s hope politics doesn’t wreck a collaboration like this.