Antonia Walker

A furniture lover or a collector should know what mid century furniture is. Mid century furniture also known as modern furniture or “mod” is a furniture style that arise from the early 1950’s or the halfway of the last century. The most famous style of the mid century furniture is the Danish modern design. The Danish mod had its entrance after the World War II wherein there was a scarcity of wood that is being used in furniture making. After the world war, furniture designers used any kind of wood in their furniture just to deal the shortage of materials. Wood such as oak, birch and even teak were used in creating designs. The wood displayed their lines by bleaching or blonde contrasting it to the dark and heavy designs of used before the World War. The upholstery used for seat cushions and for the back rest were thin sheaths of linen, vinyl and leather.

Basically, any antique furniture that originates from the 1950’s are considered mid century furniture. This may include furniture, lighting, accessories and designer pieces such as ash trays, china, dinnerware and even salt and pepper shakes.

Famous icons of this century furniture design are Pierre Paulin, Alvar Alto, Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen and Arne Jacobsen. It is not that difficult to find mid century furniture. They are available on antique stores, online dealers and even auctions. The prices vary depending on their size, their designs, their designers and how old they are. Some of the furniture can be bought for thousands of dollars.

Mid century furniture became popular due to their simplicity, elegant and artistic designs. This furniture not only served as a piece of furniture or an accent to a house, but it also became a symbol of class and of taste when it comes to design and artistry.
Here is some of the iconic furniture of the mid modern times:

Marcel Breuer’s

One of the most iconic furniture designs in the history. The Wassily chair also known as Model B3 chair was designed by Marcel Breuer when he was still the head of a cabinet-making workshop in Germany. The chair looks suspended to the air due to its design. The chair is as thin as wafer and the use of tubular steel and leather straps made the illusion of suspension in air.

Barcelona chair

The Barcelona chair is not just ordinary furniture but a functional art too. It was designed by Lilly Reich and Mies Van Der Rohe for an international fair in Barcelona. It was said to be a combination of the folding chair of the Pharaohs and the “X” footstool of the Romans. The chair was dedicated to the Spanish royal family.

Noguchi coffee table

It is designed by Isamu Noguchi, a half Japanese, half American sculptor, architect and furniture designer. The Noguchi table is renowned for its simplicity and genuineness. It belongs to the modern classic furniture movement by which people sought to collect and other pieces that belong to this set.