Vitra, Eames, and Herman Miller – Design Companies Overview

Companies focus on product or services they are best in order to gain market control and command. Companies have gained market leadership in certain areas of expertise such as furniture making; communication; transport; legal services; and others.

Vitra Company is based in Switzerland and majors in furniture designs and has gained big furniture designs in Europe. It also specializes in architectural designs as elaborately seen in its base in Germany at Weil am Rhein and it sponsors Vitra Design Museum. Currently most of the furniture items can be included online in the eCommerce shopping cart.

Vitra designs furniture for use in home, office and other public area. However, manufactures and markets other furniture products designed by other companies. This is just like car dealers who design their own vehicle brands but also market cars designed by other manufacturers. Vitra Company relies much on furniture designs by Eames, Charles among others for rooms, furnishings and objects designs to make home and work environments comfortable, cozy and inspiring. Such comfort is as great as a person seating on yoga mats for meditation.

Herman Miller Inc is based in Michigan and is American’s major manufacturer for office furniture and equipment and home furniture. It has gained popularity for designing modern furniture such as Aqua chair, Aeron chair among others. It is credited for designing office cubicle. Up to 1930 the company majored on traditional wood furniture only but ventured into more flexible designs later which was just like remodeling estimates by San Diego floors Company to remain on the market.

The current designs of Herman Miller Inc incorporates sustainability issues in that the company has embraced eco-designs which are energy efficient, materials’’ efficient and some are made from recycled substances. This is just like using audiobooks while pursuing online criminal justice degree which saves on papers and ink proving to be more eco-friendly than classroom and traditional schooling that depended heavily on trees for papers.

Eames is renowned for designing the Eames lounge chair for the Herman Miller furniture company which was furnished with molded plywood and leather. Eames proceeded to design seat cushions. However, the Eames Lounge chair has continued being used even by the Vitra Company which produced the chair for the European market leading to photocopy of this design and designing of chairs that traced their influence from the design of that chair. Unfortunately Eames died in 1978 of a heart attack. He made designs such as dining chair wood, dining chair metal with a plywood, Eames lounge chair, aluminum group furniture, and Eames Chaise. To Eames, designing furniture was just like making chin up bar for children plays. This is just like designing all the houses under property management york or chautaugua homes for sale.