World’s five tallest buildings

Tall buildings, skyscrapers and glass windows are what come to our mind when we think about the west. Well, you will be surprised to know about the facts that the east has in store when it comes to tall buildings! Tall buildings and skyscrapers are mega structures that obviously require a great amount of skill, effort, manpower and finances to build. Through this post, I will take you on a tour of the world’s five tallest buildings; each building a unique structure depicting architectural and engineering excellence in its own way. You will also be surprised to know that all these buildings are found in the Eastern part of the world!

Number 5:

Fifth on this list is the Petronas Tower 1 in Malaysia. The building took a total of six years to be completed. With 88 floors and a height of 452 meters, this building which is situated in Kuala Lumpur is number five on our list. Of course, you can further look into it if you are interested in more details about the building and its architecture and structure. There is plenty of data related to the details of this building present on the internet as engineering students as well as architectural students are often interested in such mega projects.

Number 4:

Hong Kong is becoming a concrete jungle which continues to amaze all those who visit it. Number four on this list is the International Commerce Center which is located in Hong Kong. The building took 8 years to be completed and stands proudly at a height of 484 meters with a total of 118 floors. It is a hub of activity and the vast space that it provides allows it to play host to a number of different businesses under one roof. From small IT firms that help people to buy soundcloud plays to large multinationals, this building has a wide variety of businesses operating under it.

Number 3:

The Shanghai World Financial Center is number three on the list of the world’s tallest buildings. At 492 meters, this building is an example of excellent construction and architecture. With a total of 101 floors, the building has fewer floors than the previous building but is still taller in height. The magnificent structure took a total of 11 years to finish being built.

Number 2:

The runner up on the list is Taipei 101 which, as suggested by its name, is located in Taipei, Taiwan. This building is a magnificent 509 meter tall structure. Excellently built, this building has 101 floors which are all equipped with the latest technological equipment. Its height is just one of the many features that the building has that make it stand out.

The winner:

The winner is none other than the ever so Famous Burj Khalifah which is located in Dubai. Standing at a proud 828 meters, this building is the tallest building in the whole world. It has a total of 162 floors and it took 5 years to build.

These buildings are so far the tallest buildings in the world.